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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a state of mind. TCO is aware that more and more of our customers want goods that are produced without asking too much of man nor planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a priority at TCO. We meet the requirments of the EPPA code of conduct (based on the UN code), the core values of sustainable business, and use this to guide us in our relationship with our suppliers and clients.

As our office is on the ground in China, it is in direct contact with our suppliers, guaranteeing the required standards at all times and ensuring better working and environmental conditions at our chosen production facilities. We monitor all of our suppliers’ CSR certificates in our database and therefore know if there are still outstanding Corrective Action Plans (CAP) to be taken, and if new certificates need to be made.

By using the services we provide, our clients therefore gain trust, comfort, guidance and reliability.

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